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*Please note, that no-where in our standard does it state that the pomeranian is to look like a fox, the term *foxy* is being mis-interpreted to mean that it should look like a fox, when the standard is VERY clear it is ONLY in outline (wedge shaped head)*


Size: small
Lifespan: 12-16 years
Exercise: very little
Grooming: moderate
Trainability: very hard
Watchdog ability: very high
Protection ability: very low
Area of Origin: Germany
Date of Origin: 1800s
Other Names: none
Original Function: companion


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Undershot or overshot mouths; double jointed; light eyes; off-coloured nose; a tail carried to the side: "hare'' feet.

 Weight and Size:
1.8 to 2 kg. (4 - 4.5 lbs) for a dog and 2 to 2.5 kg (4.5 - 5.5 lbs) for bitches.

All whole colours are admissible, but they should be free from black or white shadings. At present the whole-coloured dogs are: White, black, brown, light or dark blue, as pale as possible. Orange, which should be as self-coloured and bright as possible. Beaver. Cream dogs should have black noses and black rims around the eyes. Whites must be quite free from lemon or any other colour. A few white hairs, in any of the self-coloured dogs, shall not heavily penalise. Dogs (other than white) with white or tan markings, are decidedly objectionable and should be discouraged. They cannot compete as whole-coloured specimens. In parti-coloured dogs, the colours should be evenly distributed on the body in patches; a dog with white or tan feet or chest would not be a parti-coloured dog. Shaded-sables should be shaded throughout with three or more colours, the hair to be as uniformly shaded as possible, and with no patches of self-colour. In mixed classes, where whole-coloured and parti-coloured Pomeranians compete together, the preference should, if in other points they are equal, be given to the whole-coloured specimens. 

Please note that as of 2011 the NZKC will NOT allow merle registrations, and as per the NZKC Dog World Mag, discussing the colour, NEVER MERLE was mentioned

There should be two coats, an undercoat and an overcoat, the one a soft, fluffy undercoat, the other a long, perfectly straight coat, harsh in texture and covering the whole of the body, being very abundant round the neck and fore-part of the shoulders and chest, where it shall form a frill of profuse off-standing straight hair, extending over the shoulders. The hindquarters should be clad with long hair or feathering from the top of the rump to the hocks

The tail is one of the characteristics of the breed, and should be turned over the back and carried flat and straight, being profusely covered with long, harsh, spreading hair.

The feet should be small and compact in shape.

The legs and thighs must be well-feathered down to the hocks and must be neither cow-hocked nor wide behind. They must be fine in bone and free in action.

The back must be short and the body compact, being well-ribbed up and the barrel well-rounded. The chest must be fairly deep and not too wide but in proportion to the size of the dog.

The shoulders should be clean and well laid back. The legs must be well-feathered and perfectly straight, of medium length and not such as would be termed "leggy" or "low on leg", but in length and strength in due proportion to a well-balanced frame.

Should be rather short and well set in.

Teeth should be level, and should on no account be undershot, or overshot.

Should be small, not set too far apart, nor too low down, but carried perfectly erect like those of a fox.

 Head and Skull:
The head and nose should be foxy in outline, or wedge-shaped. The skull being slightly flat, large in proportion to the muzzle, which should finish rather fine and be free from lippiness. The hair on the head and face should be smooth and short-coated. The nose should be black in white, orange, and shaded-sable dogs; brown in chocolate tipped sable dogs, but in other colours may be "self-coloured", but never parti-coloured or white.

Should be medium in size, slightly oval in shape, not full, not set too wide apart, bright and dark in colour, and showing great intelligence. In white, orange, shaded-sable and cream dogs the rims round the eyes should be black. 

The Pomeranian in build and appearance should be a compact, short-coupled dog, well-knit in frame. He should exhibit great intelligence in his expression, activity and buoyancy in his deportment.


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