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The merle colour is a recent addition to the pomeranian in america. Australia and New Zealand DO NOT allow merle colour in pomeranians to be registered.  There is a pretty good reason for that, but Ill let you make up your mind about it.

A large number of american breeders wish to see the merle colour disqualified. Again, you CANNOT register merles in australia or New Zealand, in fact most of the world do not alow the colouring

A lot of american breeders proudly state 100% merle free. Others sell them for huge prices because the colour is considered *exotic*.  Personally, I think this is wrong, to charge more than double the normal price because of a colour.

If someone has a puppy you wish to buy, and it is a merle, BE PREPARED THERE MAY BE HEALTH ISSUES.  The merle in poms can and does cause health problems, some quite severe.  The dogs who DO have merle as a acceptable colour (and yes, there are-the Australian shepherd for one) are very aware of the colour, and the hazards it can produce, not just on the progeny, but on the progeny down the line.

This is not to say that ALL merles have health problems, far from it, as most of the time they are from reputable breeders who do not breed merle to merle and health check.   (no current merle breeders in NZ have shown any health results such a BAER test results)  However, at last known count, no merle breeder would allow their poms to be DNA'd to prove parentage, that the merle is a 'mutation' and not a introduced colour from another breed of dog, causing a crossbred. One wonders why the breeders who so wanted this colour accepted would refuse the DNA tests to be done, if it was just a mutation.  There is a few known breeder of this colour, again these cannot be registered, nor shown, to ANY advantage of the pomeranian breed. (something I feel strongly about, if it is not going to show any advantage to the pomeranian breed, there is no reason to breed yourself 

Merle breeders in NZ seem to be puppy mills, they are breeding sub quality dags  with a very large pricetag

Here are some links about the merle pomeranian, PLEASE read and look at if you are thinking of getting a merle pomeranian.

-the last thing you want is your adorable ball of fluff being blind AND deaf at a young age-

I am currently getting permission to use some other web pages on the merle. Please use google and search for merle pattern, there is a LOT of studies done, and you will find almost all chihuahua breeders are against this.

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