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What to ask a breeder

What to ask a breeder


 During the many years I have been involved, Ive seen it all and heard it all, yet it still amazes me that people expect a certain dog to have certain colours, sex, and availablity on a certain time.

I have compiled this list to help you, and in turn help me!

Do ask about health testing and make sure you get answers. "they are not in my lines" is NOT a answer. Stay clear!

Ask ask and then ask more questions, ask what the dogs temperaments are like, ask about grooming, ask about toilet training,  ask about our ethics, ask about our planned breeding and why we are putting those dogs together.

If you want a puppy from X dog and X dog, state that but please understand we may not ever put X to X for certain reasons, if you only want a puppy from X dog and X female, chances are its not going to happen-this is because there may be good reasons why we will never put those dogs together, they may be related etc. 

Take the time to get to know us, we are people too, and somtimes your email comes at a bad time, we are up all night with pups, or our work is stressful, we are human too and sometimes checking our emails during a stressful time  is just too much..  We go to dog shows, and need to prepare dogs, as well our own lives, we cant live on our phone or emails.  The more you get to know your breeder, the better it is,  you are developing a trust between the two of us,   so if we seem a little abrupt, please forgive us! We actually are nice people,so I got told once lol. 

I have a waiting list, these are done by the time you have paid your deposit, I do not let people jump the que.  In saying that once your on my list, you can turn down a puppy and still remain on it.

" I want a pup mid june, female, show quality" will usually respond with "me too" Please think how you would like to receive a email like above. 

Use your manners!! and please do not use txt speak. I cannot read it and will asume you are a russian agent asking the time it is.  I will respond accordingly.

DO NOT for the love of god, DO NOT ask about, for, or even think pomskies.  Just do not go there.

Tea Cup Poms are not a thing. dont ask me for one, Ill mention Unicorns and centaurs and Australia beating us in Rugby. (you know, things that arent real)

If you are wanting to know if the pom or the Crested is the dog for you, ask!  There is a breed for every lifestyle, and poms might not be ideal for you, but I can help suggest other breeds. (that isnt to say I am going to be doing your homework for you, research yourself too!)

Please do not get offended by the type of questions I ask, I am trying to develop a pcture of what a life one of my pups will have with you, honesty is paramount, and it does help, if there are problems I can usually suggest things. Working full time doesnt mean I cross you off my list, but finding out later you lied will.

in your first email, introduce yourself, tell us about yourself, your family.  Tell us why you want a pom, and why you want one of ours. (we love flattery)  you cannot tell us too much first off.

If I dont reply for a few days, please do forgive me, I might be away at a dog show, or even on a holiday ( I heard about these holiday things and want to try one, one day).

I only keep a certain amount of names on my list...   So PLEASE tell me if you do get a dog elsewhere, I turn people away, and its not fair on them, on me and on other breeders.

If you dont like my prices, I would like you to find a breeder who health tests, imports to  improve the bloodlines, campaigns thier dogs and pours thier life in soul into every puppy who charges less. we tend to all charge the same amount. The difference is I do all the above!

If you would like a pup to show, let me know! 


LOVE this! pretty much what I say!




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