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Our Cresteds

We got our first Crested in 2009, Briannas dog, Casper. NZ CH Casper Of Lansky...  Hes our resident cat-on-dog-bed-pusher-offer and sun-ray-finder

In 2016 we got offered a new crested, that we jumped at the chance of. Evelyn has quicky becoma favourite, and has done amazingly well in the show rings. We cannot thank Paul O'Grady of Juleko Kennels for Evelyn, in just a few short months Evelyn has amassed 8 in group awards, 4 in show awards,  a best of exhibit and reserve in exhibit.. The best is yet to come with her and we look forward to every minute! Evelyn is now on maternity dutyies, after winning so many awards. She was number 1 crested in NZ in 2016 AND 2017, winning many many groups, age of groups, and in show awards. every class she entered she has won MULTIPLE in show awards, both in speciality AND all breeds


2018 we welcome misty! quickly became a champion and we just adore her!



This is casper and brianna at nationals 2009

Casper has retired from the show ring to sun bathing, toy stealing and cold nose down trishs back on cold days duties!

Maybe all the growing up Casper has done with the Poms has rubbed off on him, he certainly acts like one LOL


and NOW in 2016!!!


Introducing Evelyn

Evelyns show career has really started off well, her first 2 shows she won BOB, her next weekend showing, out of 4 shows, she got 1x BOB, and 3xROB, beating older mature dogs and btiches. She also got 2x Baby puppy in shows! Including being picked for best in group line up.  We are besotted by this wee girl, she is just stunning in every way.


we are so excited to see what is in store for this amazing girl.




Misty! welcome to Misty, quickly became a champion, beating othr adult dogs, she is corect size, and moves stunningly.


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Trish Tribble
Morrinsville, waikato, NZ
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