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 Generally bad breeders....

  • Do not health test, Patellas, hearts and eyes are MORE than just simple vet trips, and a breeder reporting 'vet said its healthy' DOES NOT mean the pup is clear of genetic diseases. DEMAND health reports!
  • Have several litters a year, and often of different breeds. If they are not showing, why should they need to produce a large amount of litters?
  • Advertising only in small or local newspapers or cheap advertising
  • Puppies are ready to go under 8 weeks of age
  • Prices that are too low to be unbelievable, and prices far too high (unless they are show dogs)
  • No contract offered or required
  • Unwilling to take puppy back
    Will not let you sight the parents, and they should be healthy, happy, normal poms. You should not need to ask, most good breeders will automatically show you (taking in account the mothers genarall look a *mess* when ups are 8 weeks)
  • If there is a *problem* with the papers, or they are nervous about the papers. they should tell you there kennel name, and this can be checked
    If there are no papers, they are probably not doing the breed any favors by back yard breeding
  • Breeder will not provide a reference sheet, if they don't tell you all bout their dogs, or even worse makes it up, or bluntly denies problems of any kind in their lines.
  •  Unwilling to talk to you if you do not have the money
  • Some breeders will charge more for papers, which is against the NZKC rules, this does not automatically make them a bad breeder, but with this and the above, warning bells should ring.
  • Has a litter in 2 weeks, and 4 weeks, and 6 weeks etc etc, always has a litter on the ground.
  • Has house filled with portacots or crates with litters, in varying ages. How can you justify 10 litters at once?
  • Trying to convinve you Monochordism is common in the breed, it is NOT.
  • Breeding without showing or doing any sports with the dog, why do you need to breed so often if there is no reason?
  • Please remember that there are also a few NZKC registered breeders who are NOT reputable in NZ, all they are is registered breeders and ANYONE can be a registered breeder.

    Generally good breeders....

    Produce only a few litters each year, and of those there is a reason, new show dog, new stock etc.
  • Has a waiting list, or offers to put your name down for a waiting list
  • Will not let puppies go before 8 weeks of age, after vaccination, and has deflead and dewormed puppy, and has dates these have been done
  • Justify the price, and is willing to drop a little, if you can prove you are a good home
  • Have contracts, but are open to talking about it.
  • Shows you the parents, or at least photos of the parents, if for some reason they are unavailable. A lot of breeders use Artificial Insemination-in which case a parent may be in another country-but there are always photos, the breeder wouldnt buy semen from a dog sight unseen
  • talk to you about there papers, showing you the generations
  • Is willing to take puppy back at any time of their life
  • Let you know when to expect papers, if they are not done at that time
  • tell you why this particular puppy is pet only, or why they are show quality, 9/10 times a breeder will use the term show potential.
    good breeders will have a offer of lifetime service, to be there for you and your pup, offering advise, books, help, and generally provide your pup with a bag of food they are used too, and sometimes small items, such as toy etc.
    Are quite happy to talk poms, via email, phone, and most good breeders want to stay in touch, and get photos etc.
    Have good clean kennels, if dogs are loose inside the house does not stink, nor are they overrun with animals-having 80 poms who are all entire should raise warning bells.
    Good breeders generally show their animals, and CAN PROVE IT, if parents are not titled, why aren't they?  Please Keep in mind sometimes people have a break from showing, and also a  lot of good breeders do Obedience, or Agility, instead of conformation showing. (Please also keep in mind that some bitches -female dogs- are kept for brood only, and not shown. This can be purely cosmetic reason why they arent shown, but the dog is too good to desex)

HYBRID VIGOR is related to fertility, not health, two genetically unhealthy dogs cannot produce a sound dog, simple genetics!

At end of day, your local kennel club can help you with contacts of how to get in touch with breeders. It is better to spend a little time now, to choose a good breeder with good stock, than impluse buy a dog and regret it for the rest of its and yours lifetime.

Hybrid vigor is the crossing of two dogs, but however if both dogs are carrying problems, not only can you end up with a sicker dog, you can end up with a dog who has all the problems in both the parents! health testing is NOT just for registered breeders. DEMAND YOUR PUP BE HEALTHY!!!

lease note the health tests that we do need to test all breeding stock.

Patellas, Hearts, Eyes. are the main ones. these CANNOT be checked during a normal vet visit, as the heart and eyes require a specialist clearance. Regardless of where or who you buy your dog from (be it registered breeder or a back yard breeder or even a pet shop) these tests SHOULD be done, and you can demand proof!

 Please remember to check the NZ MAF codes, which change from time to time, most reputable breeders are aware of any changes.

Please note that I cannot quarantee coat, as BSD or Alpoceia X is a problem in the breed. You will find that all breeders cannot guarantee coat.


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