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Health in the Poms

Health Problems in the Pom Breed.

Although the Pom is a hardy breed, there are gentic issues you do need to be aware of.  All dogs have genetic issues (yes, even crosses), and we are lucky that the pom only has a few.


  • Luxating Patella This is where the Knee caps will slip out the groove they rest in. Painful for the dog, this can be genetic or brought about by injury.  Your dog will be given a grade by the vet, 1-2 seems to be ok, 3-4 means surgery.  Make sure the parents of your new puppy have been checked and graded.
  • Juvinile Cataracts.  Again a hereditary problem where a issue with your dogs eyes can be genetically passed on. A test done by a specialist can rule out any problems.
  • Heart Problems.  Tragically, this is often not picked up.  It can be fatal for your puppy/dog.  Hereditary tests done on the parents will rule out any problems.  Any that do show problems should be taken out of from breeding to ensure this is not passed on.
  • Black Skin Disease. Unfortunately, this is a problem that affects the WHOLE pomeranian breed, not just a select few.  Commonly known as Alpocia X, its where the fur falls off your pom, and the skin goes black. No pomeranian breeder can ever state they do not have it, as this is a BREED problem, not just selected lines, although some do tend to have a higher ratio.  There is a lot of research on this terrible disease, and more research to ensure we can find a marker. 


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