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Next litter planned is somewhere around may, depending on when my girls come into season

I am now asking a non-refundable deposit to go on to my waiting list. This is due to too many time wasters, and I regret doing so, but I must! To have your name put on my list, you will be required to pay $100. If you choose to get a dog elsewhere, then this will not be paid back.  If you are unclear about this, please do ask.

Please note that I cannot guarantee any dog will be free from BSD, as NO Pomeranian breeder can ever state that they are, its in the breed not the particular lines


My breeding Ethics

I only breed for myself first and foremost

All parents are health tested-Using health tests as a way to eliminate genetic problems in the breed. (currently Luxating patellas, ECGs of the heart, tracheas are checked and eye exams)

All homes are vetted and required to sign desexing contract

We have the right to refuse any application, our pups only go to homes we choose

All dogs are fully grown before mating

Being well informed in the field of genetics

Analyzing pedigrees of potential sire and dams

Providing puppies with the best of care we can, vet visits, removing of  back dew claws if needed, Vaccinations, and providing the best food we can

Follow up with puppies when they go to new homes

If you wish to go on our waiting list, please send us a email, telling us briefly about yourself and what you could offer one of our fluff balls.

We intend to reply to emails promptly.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Website


All dogs leaving here must be on a desexing contract unless this has been agreed with me-no exceptions

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Contact Details
Trish Tribble
Morrinsville, waikato, NZ
Phone : 07 212 3247
Email : [email protected]


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